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As a Structural Integration Practitioner, Craig believes there is power in understanding the role of movement patterns both physical and mental.  A fundamental aspect of Craig’s work is listening to his client’s perspectives and using inquiry to enable their personal growth and improve physical performance and comfort.  His experience and education in coaching sciences has created an innate ability to understand behavior in movement as it contributes to restored vitality.  Raised in Nova Scotia, Canada, Craig is a lifelong competitive sailor and coach. His athletic and coaching experience continue to inform his work in observing and coaching human movement and behavior.

As a former personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist, Craig has always been fascinated with the human form and its ability to reflect a persons’ experience.  Relationships with clients have proven to be beneficial and last long after work with Craig has concluded.     

Craig Guthrie

Craig lives in North Bend, WA with his wife and two sons. His values revolve around raising his two sons and supporting his wife in her career. The family can regularly be found in the woods on mountain bikes for most of the year and snowboarding, skiing or sailing whenever possible.

Summary of Experience:
  • 20 years coaching sailing at all levels of training and competition

    • Corrective Exercise Specialist – NASM

    • National Coaching Institute at University of Victoria – High Performance Coaching Diploma

    • Washington State LMT

    • Universal College of Healing Arts – Omaha, Nebraska (Hellerwork Structural Integration 1025 hours)

    • Former Crossfit Level 1 Coach

    • Former NASM CPT

    • Agatsu Kettlebell Trainer

Craig Guthrie

Numerous Regional, National, International and Paralympic Sailing Championships as coach to all levels of sailors in Canada and the US.  Seven years working with sailors with disabilities at regional, National and Paralympic levels. 

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