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"If you are active at all..meaning do you breathe & move? Do you have current recovery needs? You need to go see Craig.

Craig has helped me faster than I expected with my nagging injuries & chronic pain from previous injuries. His work is based off the Hellerwork Method ( which is Structural Integration for healing the body. He's local & has a practice in North Bend.

To me Craig's work is better than a massage, chiropractor and epsom salt bath combined. He truly is a magician in helping your body heal & recover. If you are looking to improve your mobility, recover from an injury, reduce pain, & generally feel better you need to reach out to Craig today. As an athlete who just wants to move & feel better everyday, I can't say enough about how he has helped me. email him at"


"Craig's extensive knowledge of the body, and his genuine heart and desire to help people created an experience I've never had before. I had the honour of receiving the Hellerwork Series from Craig during a time when I needed it most. As a yogi and avid hiker, Craig's Structural Integration massage therapy allowed me to access a deeper anatomical awareness and a healthier physical practice. It was my experience that Craig not only released areas of tension in my physical body, but also reached to my spiritual and emotional core, which I felt the effects of immediately after each session. I felt safe, cared for and knew I was in the hands of an expert."


"Craig has an amazing knowledge of the human body and movement. He uses his knowledge and experience to assist people in releasing pain and restriction while teaching movements that helps clients retain the benefits of his work. Craig has compassion, empathy and care for each person that walks in the door which allows him to customize each session to meet each client's specific needs. I highly recommend Craig and encourage you to trust his abilities, skills and caring to increase the vitality and freedom in your life."


"I didn’t know anything about Structural Integration or Hellerwork when I began my sessions with Craig. I gained understanding from his thorough explanations prior to and during each session.  During each session Craig's focus and attention to detail enabled me really tune into my body. I especially liked Craig’s attention to the relevancy of the targeted bodywork for the day in relation to meeting me where I was in my emotional health.  He is very passionate about his work, which is evident every session without fail."



The effect of this series upon my body easily surpassed any expectations I had going in to the work. This program completely changed the relationship I have with my body. Having lived with multiple injuries for many years, my body had become something to be continually overcame, a weight that kept me from fully enjoying most activities. By the third session all of that began to change and I began to feel a freedom and hope that I was never expecting. I had sought out Chiropractic care and massage therapy many times previously and found relief, some lasting but most temporary. These previous experiences informed my expectations of which the Hellerwork series completely exceeded. This work is in a category of its own. It is very intelligently put together and delivered, seeming to echo a natural progression that my physiology was all too eager to follow.


Movement Education:

This area of the series was extremely informative and supportive of the whole. It was enlightening to begin understanding how a slight tilt of the hips or wider resting stance could compound affecting multiple areas of the body and eventually affecting the whole of the body. I was given exercises, corrections and corresponding explanations informing me of proper practice. The “how and why” of the muscular and fascial structures was nothing that I had previously considered but as I progressed through the series all the aspects of this work began to compliment each other in not only a mental but also a body based understanding of the program as a whole.



I feel that I cannot stress enough the importance of this aspect of the work. The series was intense both physically and emotionally. The physical intensity followed by the emotional release of correcting and removing life long obstacles that had become frozen in my body and had come to define my person required both counsel and forewarning. Use of meditation was encouraged and supported throughout the series inspired an integration on a level deeper that I had originally expected. What proved to be uncanny was how both my body and mind began to understand and prepare for the upcoming session. Events in my life and understandings began to mirror what would be the theme of the next session and this would bring about very informative discussion. I feel as if I hold a solid understanding of what this program was meant to provide me and that was brought about by a practitioner who not only wholeheartedly believed in the potential of this program but also possessed the ability to dispense its power of healing in its totality.


If you are ever lucky enough to find yourself in the hands of a Healer, understand that the work is intense, it’s compassion rides on the pain, it’s durability is fed from understanding, delivered with the tenacity of a saint and in the end you will be left Whole.


"I have had the opportunity to go through the complete SI series with Craig twice over 18 months. As a licensed massage therapist myself, I had been skeptical the first time I went in to work with Craig, but I left that first appointment feeling confident that he was the body worker for me. I can honestly say that I was overwhelmingly impressed by his knowledge and skills in working with athletes’ -specifically endurance athletes- to improve overall performance through his advanced education in Structural Integration. I am an Ultra Marathon runner and Triathlete so I need a lot of work to keep my body moving during training and compete at high levels while remaining injury free. Craig was diligent when listening to my needs and ensuring that he tackled every obstacle to improve my training and racing. Craig also presents himself with the utmost professionalism and respectful manners. Last September I ran the prestigious - Barkley Fall Classic Race and I know that Craig’s thoughtfully planned work helped my body be prepared to conquer this grueling race. Now if only he didn’t live so far away!"


"The 1st time I went to Craig was with a lower back pain.  I have been quite fit, doing a ton of strength work but would get sore in my lower back while mountain biking. I remember distinctly rocking up to Craig’s practice space with my bike. Craig had me pedal around the block for a few minutes before he identified the issue - the seat post was too high for me and the angle of my seat needed adjustment- not by much, but 5-10mm is a lot. Fixing the saddle issues fixed my lower pain - it hasn't returned.

Craig also did some Structural Integration (Session #1)- when I first heard the term I didn’t know if it was a fancy way of calling it a massage.  What I can say is it wasn't. In the subsequent weeks there was a marked improvement in my posture and my aerobic capacity.

Finally Craig - has been a mentor and a coach for me in my mountain biking endeavours.  He has encouragied me with specific and simple instructions, motivating me while I did OTG at Tiger for the 1st time, as well as barrelling down a Black Diamond Trail at Raging River with mud and rain flying everywhere. Both are feats I wouldn’t have the courage to do on my own for the 1st time.

You don't meet folks like Craig often - He is a rare breed. Knowing him and availing his services is something one cant put a high $$$ value to. It’s an awesome experience, one that makes you better physically and mentally."

Sid Datta

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