1. Intake and Postural Analysis – Feedback from the client is considered in my plan for defining goals of the work. 

  2. Deep Tissue Bodywork – based on assessment and needs/interest of the client.

  3. Awareness Dialogue – discussion around the sessions’ focus through understanding the experience and influence of the region being released. I believe that educating the client regarding the relationships in the body will lead to ownership and empowerment in the process of SI.

  4. Movement Education – relative to the sessions’ focus and its influence on the body as a whole.

The bodywork makes it easier to maintain improved alignment. Clients experience longer lasting changes when they apply the movement lessons given in each session.

The standard format for receiving structural integration is in a series of 11 to 12 sessions. Each session has its specific focus and benefits. In combination, the sessions have accumulative and synergistic effects. By following this protocol, a person can achieve release in very deep parts of the body, and many people have found this process to give them lasting change and natural relief.